10 reasons why DooSeob pwn the Kpop fanservice right now.
Dooseob Pimp Post!!

Oh yes, they deserve their own primer post too =DDDD

Me and my twin decided that this cute and adorkable couple deserve their own primer post. What's not to love about them!
Their chemistry on stage is inevitable. They're both so hilariously funny and cute at the same time. I just wanna squish them together and make them into a chocolate pudding or something :PP

WARNING: This is VERY gif and picture heavy so you'll want to let the whole page load before viewing!
The post maker/author will not be held responsible for any health or life altering effect that this post will cause. please consider yourself informed and warned. :P


So what is Dooseob? or to be more accurate, who?

Dooseob is the awesome and made-in-CUBE heaven pairing of Yoon Doojoon and Yang Yoseob of BEAST

Yoon Dojoon

The hot charismatic leader

DOB: July 4, 1989
Blood Type: A
Specialty: Vocals/Rap
Specialty: Killer eyes and eyebrows. Voice Impersonation.  A Dork.
Hobbies: soccer and playing video games

Unwavering Confidence: although you suck at English, it's not a reason to NOT speak it

Yang Yoseob

The Cutipie ( well of course)

January 5, 1990
Specialty: Vocals
Extra: Was AJ's highschool classmate and back-up dancer.
Specialty : Beatbox, eating well, angelic voice.
Hobbies : Writing lyrics

24/7 sunshine and rainbow filled time: A big goofball, he'll just caught your eyes right away and worm his way in

Both of them are from an idol group named B2ST/Beast which consists of 6 members( alongside with KiKwang, Junhyung, Hyunseung and Dongwoon), which debuted in 2009 under Cube entertainment.


10 reasons why DooSeob pwn the Kpop fanservice right now.

#1 Bad Girl Performance
Fanservice redefined: apart from the awesome song and performance, what else can the fans look forward to each time they perform this song? Everytime Yosoeb sings his part "Although I cried "Don't leave", there will be some cheek-pinching, ass-spanking, hugging and kneeling a-la proposing. And a very happy Doojoon-sshi.YES. They're just THAT awesome.

Let's see some examples here :P

a) Yoseob knee down for Doojoon at 2.15 

b) Yoseob hugging Dojoonie at that same part of the song <3

c) Cheek-pinching!! 8DDD

d) Butt spanking by the leader at 2.07. (That's what you get for ignoring your leader Yoseob ;P)

e) When Yoseob being naughty! ( notice the smile on Doojoon's face? Priceless)

#2 : SBS Inkigayo Digital Mobile Ranking


a.k.a. SBS new short drama series: DooSeob Love Story XD

OMG. It's definitely a squeal-worthy Dooseob moments~! Doojoon introducing himself as the cool one and Yosoeb is the cutie, they look so freaking adorable together!! <3

Dooseob Part 1
...where we have smacking butts, clinging, ribbons and all. Yes!!! :D
And if you look closely at 0:35 Yoseob slaps Doojoon's butt. He just love doing that eh? Xp

Dooseob Part 2
Because jealous Doojoon is freaking sexy!

Dooseob Part 3
Where they end up getting married at the end and the rest of the boys tried to seperate them? Oh Noo!! ;P

Oh yes..Yoseob cutie even confess to AJ that he miss Doojoon and he belongs to Doojoon. Yes he's that possesive.

"I have Dojoon & that ribbon is mine. Dojoon aah, bogoshipda"..OHEMMGEE XDD

#3  Because they act adorable most of the times and fishy sometimes..

Okey, let the video speak for itself ;)

Dooseob in their own little world ;))

Look at the whole wide world happening on the stage, and then there are two at the corner who are content in their own little world. (and AJ just...stand there, watching -___- lol )

#4  They have John Legend's "Ordinary People" as their theme song ;)

Melts..and dies aaaaaaaaa!

#5 Because they have "synchronised fun" together \ ^__^ /

Crazy dorks <3

Couple dance anyone? Oh you two why so cute? :PPP

When the leader said 'pabo', Yoseobie said 'thank you'...a.k.a. the leader is a DORK too

(my inner fangirl totally squealed :D)


Awwww :DD

#6 Everyone has bias. Mine is DooSeob. Doojoon's? It's Yoseob, of course ;)



p/s: look at how completely unperturbed Hyunseung is while watching them. it screams 'I AM SO USED TO WATCHING THIS. ALL THE F-ING TIME

Watch  the end of the video  
..... because Yoseob ALWAYS needs the special care and attention from Yoon-leader

There's a song that goes, 'you're just too good to be true, can't take my eyes off of you'. It sounds just about right for Doojoon whenever it involves Yoseob.

2.02 - Doojoonie loves it  ;)

1.29 - Yoon-Leader didn't forget to look at Yang Yoseob at the end of the row as soon as he finish singing his part " You make me a good man" . They just can't seperate! ;PP

#7 Because they're good appa and umma..

who made packed lunch for their high school kid

Happy family awwww XPPPP

#8 Because Yoon-leader is a lover of all cute things

...and the cutest of them all is sleeping right beside him under the matching polka dot comforter
(please ignore Hyunseung. he's Junhyung's little secret, anyway ;P )

#9 Good 'ol buddies

Playing video games..:P

2.01- See how happy and content Yoseob is when they put him in the same group with Yoon-leader. Awww bromance love.

They were like, clinging to each other and left Kikwang to do his imitation alone LOL!


last but not least..

# 10 PDA (of course)



Oohh scandalous ;PP



Smooth Yoon-leader ;)

Did you just see what I see?

And that is all!! Ahh Dooseob is love! <3

This post is dedicated to my beloved twin, for REALLY helping me out with this post, seriously  ( 4 times fail T___T and I'm so sorry to drag you along in this mess :P), to all the Dooseob's fans and B2uties out there.

I hope you guys enjoy this sugar-coated primer post .

Dooseob FTW!


Comments are appreciated :)

All pics , gifs and videos are from Beast forum and/or Beast thread at Soompi, B2st Rising.com, dooseob LJ, b2stlysubs@youtube.com, laughandgiggle28@youtube.com, ssuhuii@youtube.com. I fully credit their respective owners, and if one of them are reading this now and would like their name to be mentioned, please let me know, I'd be more than happy to do so! :)
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